The French "Barriques" includes usually a volume of 225 liters or 228 liters in Bordeaux, Burgundy. For the preparation of such oak barrels mainly sessile oak (Quercus patraea) or oak (Quercus robur) is used. Both oak species are also common in Hungary, where currently the high-quality oak barrels are produced that are comparable with the French.

Barrique Barrels, we can basically be divided into three groups:
1. Bordeaux Barrels - (Barrique Bordeaux Styles)
2. Burgund Barrels - (Barrique Burgund Styles)
3. XXL Barrels - (Barrique Large Styles)

This oak barrels for wine storage is usually not more than three times used to round out the flavor spectrum and the tannins (tannins) with components from the timber, such as vanillin. The length of the wine storage depends primarily on the type of wine, because if the storage time is too long, then mask the flavors of the barrel of the variety of the wine bouquet.

On the following pages you will find a detailed description of the individual barrels, with the same division.