Barrique Barrels

Barrique Barrels or "Barriques": history, production, description, prices . . .

From tree trunks carved wooden containers were already 1000 in BC use. Staves from wood composite barrels that were used for the storage and transport of goods and drinks, qualify as an invention of the Celts, and later, cca. 50 BC it was taken over by the Romans.

In the history of the oak barrels production but clearly dominated France. Already in the early 19th Century came from Bordeaux wine producer that the storage of red wines in wooden barrels for the wine significantly refined and improved the quality and taste.

In the 80 years the technology of the barrel extension came into fashion world. This development is due to the large demand for high quality, heavy red wines, with a large market for wine barrels in other than the traditionally known for this region was formed. This trend lasted for decades until finally, in all places where suitable material was found in the manufacture of oak barrels, began to produce the cooperage oak barrels.


On the following pages we present to you the entire manufacturing process of oak barrels, the specification of individual products, but mainly from Barrique Barrels.